Here is a list of titles in the order they appear. You can scroll down, continue scrolling, or SEARCH a title that interests you in the SEARCH box (I’m sorry, but if you’re viewing from a phone, finding the search box may be difficult — it is on mine). Thanks for visiting.


Rollin’ On The Rivers


Uncle Herb

Winters In My Teens

My Scariest Accident

Sports In My Family

My Army Homes

My Home Town

Mom’s Bio Outline

Coming To America

My First Bike

Carl Ramon


In Memory of Marla B.

Uncle Bud

Grandma, Dad & The Big C


Ellie Smith


My Teen Years

Dad & Me

Grandpa, Dad & Joe

Dad & Deacon

Great Uncle Bill


OOPS! (how I almost blew up St. Louis)

The Big Snow of ’66

Going to California & Minnesota

The BMWankel

Life’s a Song

Always With You

Critique Group

The Last Chanticleer

Ha’nt – part 1 of 4

Ha’nt – part 2 of 4

Ha’nt – part 3 of 4

Ha’nt – part 4 of 4

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